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Please answer the following questions to determine your eligibility for a Harvard University Employees Credit Union Education Loan.

Please note: HUECU does not lend to citizens of the following countries: Belarus, Cuba, DR Congo, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iran and North Korea. The credit union conducts a thorough risk-assessment, taking into account criteria such as OFAC, and the ability to satisfy repayment obligations based upon capital controls in certain countries. All international applicants must pass an OFAC screening.

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In order to protect your data, our application form uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption when transmitting your information to our secure server.

The amount you are eligible to borrow as a Harvard student is based on a variety of factors, including:
- Your cost of attendance
- The program loan limit for your school
- The financial aid office's certification of your loan

To learn more about the benefits and services available to you as a member of the Credit Union, visit

NOTE: This application is for a Harvard Graduate Loan.

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