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Please answer the following questions to determine your eligibility for a St. Jean's Credit Union Private Education Line of Credit:


NOTE: If you're unsure of the school you will be attending, select your home state in the School State field. You can then select "Undecided" in the School Name and School Branch Name fields.


In order to protect your data, our application form uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption when transmitting your information to our secure server.

St. Jean's Credit Union encourages you to exhaust your scholarship, grant, and federal student loan options before applying for any type of private student loan.

All applications are subject to credit approval. Interest rates vary and are based upon borrower and/or co-borrower (where applicable) credit and other underwriting criteria.

NOTE: If you are unsure of the school you will be attending and/or your funding needs for the upcoming academic term, you may select "Undecided" on the school list and input $1 for the Loan Requested Amount.

Once your plans are finalized, simply log in to this online account and submit a new "draw request". At that time, you can select your school, if needed, (must be from our approved list) and request the exact funding amount that you will need.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This application is for a private student loan through St. Jean's Credit Union. This is NOT a federal student loan application. Please exhaust all lower-cost sources of financial aid before applying for a private student loan.

You should always exhaust your federal aid options before applying for a private loan, because these loans are sometimes more difficult to obtain and can often end up being significantly more costly to you in the end. Private loans are designed to supplement federal loan programs. Private loans are also known as 'alternative loans' and the terms often vary considerably based on the lender and borrower credit histories.

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