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Thank you for your interest in a Brazos Refinance Student Loan. By providing basic information, you can receive the lowest available rate(s) you will qualify for without impacting your credit score.

At this time, we only make loans to Texas residents. If you are not a Texas resident, click here to find other options available to you. Most borrowers who qualify have a cosigner. Consider applying with a qualified cosigner to increase your chance of qualifying for lower rates. Please be advised that either you must have an income of at least $60,000, or $30,000 if applying with a co-signer with a minimum income of at least $60,000. While you may get a result using this tool (which only looks at your credit score), you will not be able to proceed with an application if the minimum income is not met.

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By clicking Find my Rate below, you consent to allow Brazos (itself or through a third party) to perform a soft credit pull and obtain your credit report. This inquiry will not impact your credit score. As used herein, you means both the Borrower and the Cosigner, if applicable.
You also agree that, by providing your email address, you give Brazos permission to provide you information about its products and services. Please click here to review the Brazos Privacy Policy.

In order to protect your data, our application form uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption when transmitting your information to our secure server.

By providing your information, you are not applying for a loan, but are requesting that we conduct a soft credit pull to find the interest rate you may qualify for.

All loan applications are subject to credit approval. Interest rates vary and are based upon the borrower's and cosigner's (where applicable) credit and whether you select fixed or variable interest rate and the loan term option selected.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This application is for a Brazos Refinance Loan. This is NOT a federal student loan application. Refinancing federal loans in to a private refinance loan may result in the loss of federal loan benefits.

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